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The Artist :
  The Puppini Sisters
Track Name :
  In The Mood
The Album :
Popular Year :
Style :
  Swing / Jive
Speed :
Interpretation Rating :
  Fun - Lots Of Interpretation Possible
Musical Breaks :
  Some Breaks
Submitted By :
Submitted On :
Viewed :
  736 times (366327 track views in total).

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Reviewer: JohnDate: 01/11/2008Rating (0..10): 8

This is a real surprise. I got this album (Betcha Bottom Dollar) for the version of Boogie Wooge Bugle Boy (but it's far too fast, alas - I nearly needed an oxygen mask after half a track).

One song on there is awesome.

In The Mood - an almost entirely vocal performance of Glen Miller's track of the same name, sung by three sisters in harmony. Ooooooooh tingle time.

Dancing to it is a dream, and it really gives you scope to have fun and be expressive when dancing. It went down a hit when I played it.

You can listen to it by clicking on the album link on the left, then using the "listen" links on it. 23 5-star ratings and 1 4-star rating isn't bad! Totally recommended.

Bonus track on there is a slow and sultry version of Sway (remember mucho mambo?). This one is far superior in my opinion.

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