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The Artist :
  Alesha Dixon
Track Name :
  The Boy Does Nothing
The Album :
  The Alesha Show
Popular Year :
Style :
Speed :
  Just Right
Interpretation Rating :
  Some Interpretation Possible
Musical Breaks :
  Some Breaks
Submitted By :
Submitted On :
Viewed :
  713 times (366328 track views in total).

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Reviewer: JohnDate: 01/11/2008Rating (0..10): 8

Well there I was working on my computer with some digital TV going on in the background, and this song sort-of percolated into my brain. I flipped windows to see Alesha Dixon from SCD running around in a very tiny little number, doing some nice moves and singing a very danceable track.

I watched the video a bit more, and realised that this was probably kick-started by her SCD stuff, 'cos the video is full of a large number of dancers doing errr a large number of dances and some of the moves are pretty spectacular.

Regardless, I can't wait to get my mitts on this, cos it's a fast track with a really good feelgood beat to it. I think it has great potential on the dancefloor.


Oh yes, this comes from the album "The Alesha Show". Hmmm!

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