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Resources: Animations #2

This page contains free animated clipart images of dancers and dancing-related items for you to use. This will take a while to load (several minutes) so please be patient. If you wish to keep these animated pictures, right-click on the ones you want and select Save As... or alternatively download them all in one zip file (the link to this is at the bottom of this block).

dance5.gif (6484 bytes) dancer.gif (6164 bytes) dancer2.gif (7309 bytes) dancers3.gif (18348 bytes)
dancing.gif (37309 bytes) dancing2.gif (7089 bytes) dancingelephant.gif (10958 bytes) dancingman5.gif (4512 bytes)
Dancing-Ronald-Reagan.gif (24086 bytes) fireworks1.gif (41629 bytes) Frogchoir.gif (84280 bytes) gdance.gif (5481 bytes)
genie.gif (9308 bytes) giftbox.gif (3736 bytes) girlread.gif (5336 bytes) girlread1.gif (5181 bytes)
gogo1.gif (4007 bytes) gogo2.gif (3886 bytes) guest-1.gif (18440 bytes) guest2.gif (11303 bytes)
Download all files on this page (
If you don't have WinZip to decompress the files, then mosey on over to to download the tool required.

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