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Resources: Animations #1

This page contains free animated clipart images of dancers and dancing-related items for you to use. This will take a while to load (several minutes) so please be patient. If you wish to keep these animated pictures, right-click on the ones you want and select Save As... or alternatively download them all in one zip file (the link to this is at the bottom of this block). 

a_105s.gif (10360 bytes) am369.gif (17224 bytes) ballet.gif (12761 bytes) ballet2.gif (14816 bytes)
balloon.gif (4583 bytes) Balloon-Confetti.gif (7050 bytes) blueballspin.gif (18500 bytes) book7.gif (6945 bytes)
camrarun.gif (20048 bytes) Chili-Macarena.gif (12009 bytes) Congratualtions-1.gif (4932 bytes)
Congratulations-text.gif (7954 bytes) Congratualtions-1.gif (4932 bytes) cpldnce.gif (6188 bytes)
cs_a.gif (12127 bytes) cpldnce2.gif (4905 bytes) dance13.gif (2166 bytes)
Download all files on this page (
If you don't have WinZip to decompress the files, then mosey on over to to download the tool required.

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