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Submit An Event To The Calendar

If you want to add your event to the Events Calendar and/or the Event Details pages, then this is how you do it...

What Do I Need To Do? ?

There are two ways of submitting an event:

Either way, I need to know the following information:

  1. WHEN will the event be held?
  2. WHO is holding it?
  3. WHERE will the event be held?

Additionally, if you want the full monty, I will also need some of these bits too:

  1. If you have the advert for the event in electronic form (e.g. PDF file, Word document, Publisher, etc.) then send it over. If you don't have the electronic copy of the advert, try scanning it and sending it over (high-res if possible - about 300dpi).
  2. Logos / graphics / photos that you want to display next to the event.
  3. Description of your event.
  4. Times and prices.

Basically, the more you send me, the more goes on to the advert!

Some Quick Pointers

Important! Read this before posting your info to me!

  • This is a free service, so it'll get done when it gets done. You only need to send stuff to me once. Banging emails at me every other day for the same event will just send your request down the list.
  • Once I've added your event I'll send you an email asking you to check the details. If you don't check, and I've made an error, then I won't take the blame for it.

Submitting Via Email

OK, this is the simplest version: send the email to and I'll add it in when I get chance.

Submitting via the Forum

To submit an event via the Discussion Forum, you will need to have registered first (it's free - just wander over to it and follow the instructions). Once you're on, you can post an event in the Advertising & Announcements section.

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