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Contact Us

Want to contact us? Here's how...
I am always open to suggestions, so this page lists some of the ways that you can contact me.  I would love to hear about any of the following...
New dances.
Changes to existing events.
Charity events.
Any problems found on the website.
Anything of interest to Bristol LeRoc dancers!

Contact Details

General Info

If you wish to email me, then contact me on  I will get back to you as soon as is possible!  I have one of those new-fangled cable modems, so don't worry about sending huge adverts for dances with pictures in and stuff.
I'd prefer not giving this out, but if the only way to get adverts and info to me is to post it then Email me and I will give you my address.
I will not be giving out my phone number unless it's an emergency.  Contact me on Email for preference.
The Forum:
The Discussion Forum page can be used to contact me - messages can be left on there.  Beware though - this is public domain, so if it's a private message everyone will be able to read it.  ALSO... if you're just dumping spam onto the Forum it will be deleted rather quickly!
By hand: 
You can meet me on Wednesdays at Elmgrove LeRoc.  If I'm not there, give the stuff to someone on the front desk and it will reach me quickly.

Contacting For A Specific Reason

There are several reasons for contacting me, so for more info on each contact method, click on the icons below.

Submit a Link
If you wish me to link to your website, there is now a Classes & Links page on the Forum.
The Mailing List
If you wish to Subscribe to the mailing list, or have yourself taken off the mailing list (Unsubscribe), then click on the icon.

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