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Class Info: Elmgrove LeRoc (Wednesday)

This page contains a summary of the Elmgrove LeRoc class held on Wednesdays.

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At the Elmgrove Community Centre, Elmgrove Road, Redland, Bristol.

Beginners 8.00pm (prompt) - 8.45pm
- short break, Intermediates warm up -
Intermediates 9.00pm (prompt) - 9.45pm
General Dance (all levels) 9.45pm - 10.45pm

For Further Information, Telephone 0117 9021079

How To Get There...

Click here for venue information on The Elmgrove Community Centre .
wrldbk.gif (475 bytes) Click here for an Elmgrove LeRoc City Map.
(Please note that the City Map is an interactive general area map, and not a direct pin-point map!)

Due to changing circumstances, Elmgrove le Roc will not be re-opening on 06 January 2010 at its new venue.  Instead it will be taking a sabbatical until some future date at which time the classes may re-start.  In the meantime, all I can say is “we have been the best and now it's time for a rest”.

The Elmgrove team is available for private tuition / demonstrations / teaching at specific events.

The website will be staying open as normal.  Please keep us up-to-date with your email contact details via the website as we will be sending mailshots of news, events and dances as and when they are planned.

May I also take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year - from David and the team.


The Dance For The Millennium

LeRoc can be danced to almost any music from Swing through to current Chart Hits. It's ideal for any social occasion and it helps keep you fit. Classes are informal and friendly so come along, bring your friends and make new ones.

New beginners welcome any week.

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"So You Think You're Ready For Intermediates!"

Firstly, Beginners moves will not be taught during Intermediate classes, you are expected to know them. The Beginners moves are:

Arch Hatchback Push-Pull
Basket Ladies Spin Secret Move
Short Butterfly Loophole Sway
Change places Neckbreak Windmill
Figure Eight Nigel's Move Wurlitzer
First move Overhead Change Yo-Yo
You must be able to give and receive signals without hesitation
You must be able to count beats (preferably to the music!).
You must be able to spin (without falling over at the end of it).

You should spend at least ten weeks in Beginners, slightly longer for men, before attempting an Intermediate class. Bear in mind that when starting Intermediates you will feel like a complete Beginner!

Finally, when you are ready to move up to intermediates ask one of your teachers for their opinion.

David, Liz, Yo and John.

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So you know all the moves then, where now?

Let us help you develop yourselves even more with special classes on style, sleaze & drops.  All tailored to work smoothly in freestyle


Come to our regular Intermediates classes

You'll probably find them challenging enough!

Wednesdays 9.00pm

The Elmgrove Community Centre, Elmgrove Road, Redland, Bristol.

£5.00 for one or both classes plus the general dance.
£1.50 for just the dance.

Reduced rate multi-tickets available on request.

For each new person you introduce to the class you get a free class yourself. So bring 5 friends - dance for 5 nights for free!

For further information, call 
David on 0117 9021079
Info.gif (223 bytes) Elmgrove LeRoc now have a website that is well worth a visit!  Look at
Alternatively, you can email them at

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