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Class Info: Bristol University (Thursday)

This page contains a summary of the Bristol University class held on Thursdays.

Student's Union on Queen's Road

8.00pm - 10.30pm

For Further Information, see below.

How To Get There...

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This map's a little small, so click on the map itself for a much bigger version.

wrldbk.gif (475 bytes) Click here for a Bristol University LeRoc City Map.
(Please note that the City Map is an interactive general area map, and not a direct pin-point map!)

We're not exclusively for Bristol Uni students - anyone with a uni/college student card can get in, and non-students just have to buy associate membership for the Union to get into the building (contact the President, Francesca Santilli on for more details)

Prices And Contact Information...

5.00 - Membership
2.50 - Lessons (for Members)
4.00 - Lessons (for Non-Members)
£1.50 - Second class / freestyle only

For further information, e-mail 
Francesca Santilli at

penpaper.gif (1355 bytes) Or, write to:
President / Treasurer
Le Roc
University of Bristol Students' Union
Queens Road
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Info.gif (223 bytes) I can recommend visiting the Bristol University LeRoc web-page.
Info.gif (223 bytes) For further information on Bristol University, go to

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