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Bristol Classes: A Summary

LeRoc runs on most nights of the week in Bristol, so here are some of the details I have gathered about what's on and where.

Please note that I try to keep information up-to-date, but the final responsibility is on you to check for yourselves.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information about something, or if I have an error in my information.


This page is split into three sections:

Classes in Bristol
Classes on the outskirts of Bristol
Submitting a new class to the site

Classes In Bristol

These are the classes that are central to Bristol, broken down by the nights on which they are held.  To view the details of any class, just click on the name and full details will be shown.

Bristol LeRoc (The Folk House)
Cloud 9 Jive
Trinity LeRoc
Bristol LeRoc (Halo)
Elmgrove LeRoc (on sabbatical)
Jive Fusion
Strictly Ceroc
Bristol University LeRoc Society
BAWA (*)

(*) It should be noted that there are no classes taught at the BAWA on Sunday nights, but it is used as a weekly Rock'N'Roll dance venue.

Classes On The Outskirts Of Bristol

There are also classes that run during the week but are placed a little too far out to be deemed as central Bristol.  These are: 

Portishead Leroc
Nailsea LeRoc

Submitting A New Class
If you wish to add an event or a class to this site, then please add it to the Classes & Links page of the Discussion Forum, and I will create a new page on here if it's a Bristol class.

In order to submit a new class to this site, it must meet the following criteria:

Jive, LeRoc, or Ceroc
Preferrably LeRoc, but I will take any of the others.  If you feel that you have a case for submitting your class to this site as well, then drop me the info (listed below) together with the background of your class.  NOTE: I reserve final judgement on the contents of this site, as it is a free endeavour.
The class must be in Bristol or very close to it.  Chippenham is a little too far out.  Note that links are free-for-all though, so if you don't have a full class write-up I have no objection to linking to your class on the Links page.

The following information is needed for each class:

Name of the class
Days and times for the class.
Class location, preferably including a postcode (for the interactive mapping facility).
Public contact name and address.
Public contact email and web location (if you have one).
A short write-up about your class.
Graphics that are needed on the page.  
Any updates can be added at any time, so don't feel afraid to send me stuff to start with, just to get things on the go, so to speak.
Any other info you want to add!

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