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Information For Advertisers

If you wish to make use of the marketing potential of this site, then here's how you do it...

Why Advertise Here?

This site currently takes tens of thousands of hits per month - which is great for marketing purposes. You can get some information on the monthly hits by viewing the Statistics Page of the Discussion Forum.

The busiest part of the site is the Discussion Forum, but the rest of the site gets used regularly as well. The site has been designed with a navigation bar down the left hand side, which can contain a selection of adverts.

Who Can Advertise Here?

Anybody can advertise on this site, but the primary audience is constructed of avid dancers who are into modern jive.

How Big Are The Adverts?

The adverts themselves are sized at 150 pixels wide by 100 pixels deep.

Other sizes may be accommodated if required, but may incur additional costs.

How Do I Make The Adverts?

The adverts may be constructed of images or text, and can be created with any standard package.

Images tend to have a greater impact though - and with images such as .GIF files, it is possible to create mini animations if required, so punchy adverts with a greater amount of information in them can be delivered to the target audience.

The adverts can contain hyperlinks to your sites as well.

If required, I can help with the creation of the advert - you provide the information and images, and I'll create the advert with you (for no additional charge). Once you are happy with the advert, I can apply it to the website, and the calendar month will start.

What Is The Cost?

The adverts will cost £5 per month per advert. Each advert will be shown on every page on the site and forum.

Payment for each month will be taken in advance.

Want To Find Out More?

If you are interested in finding out more about this, or want to proceed with placing your advert on the site, then email John at for more details.

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